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The Cure For Chronic Complainers

What we say is a reflection of what we think. And what we hear ourselves say has a direct impact on how we feel, act, and ultimately, how we attack the challenges of life. In most organizations, there always seems to be a few people that seemingly complain all the time. If we are constantly surrounded by people who see and speak only negative comments about work, politics, relationships and life, then guess will likely think that way too. The negative energy is a tremendous drain on everyone. 

Chronic complainers will kill an organization's ability to succeed and an individual's drive to go on. These chronic complainers are inflicted with a disease in which we must be quick to inject an anecdote; otherwise, the complainers' disease will grow and infect the entire organization. 

What's more is there seems to be a parasitic relationship between the complainer and the listener. You see, a parasite needs a host to survive, so does the complainer. Guess who the host usually is- You! That's right. If you allow the complainer to complain and you keep listening, then they have got you. They will come to the coffee pot in the morning and start their day telling you and others about the horrible events of their previous evening. Before you know it you are agreeing with them. Ten minutes later your neck is hurting, your back aches and your day is ruined. The parasite has found its host.

The cure to this dreaded disease is a simple treatment plan.

Step 1- Stop listening to the constant complaining (without a host the parasite will die-not literally)

Step 2-Be too busy at work to be caught by the complainer (stay engaged in your work)

Step 3- Rid yourself of "Stinking Thinking" (flush out the negative thoughts and energy the complainers attempt to plant in your mind)

Step 4- Be positive and think positive (this is like putting a pesticide on a plant to rid it of an unwelcome pest)

Step 5- Display a constant positive attitude in all you do, especially around the chronic complainer (hopefully, over time this will encourage the complainer to look for alternatives to the negative stuff they are ingesting and seek to get better)

The combined treatment plan should produce an environment within your organization where complaining will not survive and where success is experienced and enjoyed by all. 

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