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3 Ways You Can Raise Your Morale and Production

The Coates Perspective for April 3, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
How Morale and Production Work Together
I have come to discover that an organization’s morale and production go hand in hand. If the morale of the workers is low, there’s a pretty good chance that production will suffer too. It is also true that if the production line has serious bottlenecks, then the morale of the company will be low. When I sit down with my clients who are in the rut of low morale and low production, I seek to find the catalyst that will ignite their morale and/or production. Frequently, I have observed that when production can be taken to a new level, high morale will be right behind.

Historian Thomas Carlyle is absolutely correct when he wrote: “Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.”

Accomplishment (or winning) as an organization goes a long way towards raising the temperature of the morale thermometer.

When I can get my clients to see the powerful connection between high morale and high production they are well on their way to building the kind of organization where everyone wins: the management, the employees, and the customers.

So here is the take-a-way for the organization that desires to create a culture of high morale and high productivity. How is it done? What does an organization have to do in order to have both? Here are a few suggestions:

1.     Be positive. No matter how bad things might appear to be, find something for which you can be thankful.

2.     Be on point. Don’t allow your organization to move away from your mission statement. For example, if your mission statement is to provide excellent customer service then do not allow anything (even good ideas) to dilute your focus.

3.     Be productive. Continually reevaluate your cost of doing business and cut away any expense that does not enhance your bottom line. Profit is the great igniter for morale.
You’ve read my perspective. Now, I’d love to hear yours. What are you thinking? How does your organization create high morale and high production . . . at the same time?
If you need help working through the process consider using the resources at Coates and Associates, Inc. We would consider it an honor to visit with you about developing a process forward.

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