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Durham Recue Mission-Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership

(Below is an article that was published recently in Auto Dealer News. It was an honor and pleasure for me to highlight the work of this worthy organization. In the nature of ExtraOrdinary, this group is anything but ordinary. Enjoy!!!)

Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership
By Marty Coates
Each year, I provide training to thousands of independent automobile dealers. Each dealer has a story and recently I met a few guys in one of the classes that were associated with an “ExtraOrdinary” dealership.

Defining Moments

"When a defining moment comes, you define the moment or the moment defines you." This quote is from the movie "Tin Cup," with Kevin Costner playing the main character, Roy McAvoy.

While watching the movie "Tin Cup" this weekend, for what must be the 1000th time, I heard the above referenced quote differently than all the other times. Where was I before? The movie was filled with micro moments when the main character, Roy McAvoy is confronted with what are portrayed as "defining moments.

Effective Leadership Begins With Self-Care

The Coates Perspective for April 24, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Effective Leadership Begins With Self-Care

I am in the kind of business where I give a lot of myself (willingly, I might add) to my clients. I love teaching principles that I have lived out and impart what I’ve learned to others. I give, and give and give . . . and if I’m not careful I’ll give out of emotional and mental energy if I allow my own tank to run dry. I need to pace myself so there will be enough of me to go around.

The Power of the Pause

The Coates Perspective for April 1, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
The Power of the Pause

It is often said that we need to “stop and smell the roses.” It is important to spend some quality time to reflect upon the successes of our day. In so doing, it gives us time to refresh in our mind the ways we were successful . . . and celebrate them too!

It was Jim Rohn who stated,“At the end of the day, you should play back the tapes of your performance.”That is why a football coach will spend countless hours reviewing video of the game seeking to learn what worked and what did not.

Winning The Right Race--Summary

The Coates Perspective for March 23, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
The Sacrifice That Every Leader Must Make

If you are going to succeed as a leader, then you are going to have to make the daily commitment to opt out of the rat race by sacrificing the rat.

You are going to have to be willing to take a balanced approach to life.

You are going to have to be okay with imperfection because no one (including yourself and your competition) is perfect.

You are going to have to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Winning The Right Race--Part 2

The Coates Perspective for March 20, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Schedule What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t (Part 2)

As a consultant I have observed that people can become very busy doing very busy things that keep everyone else very busy too. But here is the problem: being busy on the wrong things at the wrong time can produce wasted energy, time, and money. It does not take long for a season of unreachable goals to kill any semblance of momentum. By having an undisciplined and overambitious schedule, enthusiasm wanes as the last drip of adrenalin is spent.
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