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Durham Recue Mission-Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership

(Below is an article that was published recently in Auto Dealer News. It was an honor and pleasure for me to highlight the work of this worthy organization. In the nature of ExtraOrdinary, this group is anything but ordinary. Enjoy!!!)

Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership
By Marty Coates
Each year, I provide training to thousands of independent automobile dealers. Each dealer has a story and recently I met a few guys in one of the classes that were associated with an “ExtraOrdinary” dealership.

Season of Change

For most of us, the month of November usually provides for a change of seasons. As the leaves become dry and fall from our trees, the fragrance of something different is in the air. 

In this month, many around the United States, change their clock settings, as the switch to Daylight Savings Time takes place. And noticebly the grass is fading from green to brown. So many of the brilliant colors of summer are blowing away in the cool, brisk temperatures of fall.

Nature has a way of reminding us for a need to change.

7 Ways to Use Smart Technology to Make Your Customers Happier

With more people using smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet, they increasingly expect to be able to make purchases and get information wherever they are and whatever the time.

Businesses of all sizes that fail to meet these expectations will find themselves losing customers. 

Yet those businesses that harness the potential of technology can use it to create an advantage. 

In fact, a major benefit for smaller businesses is that they can offer the best of both worlds by combining the attractions of the latest technology with the old-fashioned personal touch.

Using Smart Technology to Improve Your Customer Service, Part III

     Hot off the press!Yet another great way that smart technology can be used to improve how we serve our customers.  One local pastor announced yesterday that starting this Sunday, parishioners will be able to access via their smartphone or smart device, his sermon outline, notes and other reference material during the service. 

Take a look below: 
”David WikeEbenezer BC FlorenceDuring worship THIS SUNDAY, bring your smartphone or smart device (iPad, etc) and hit THIS LINK during the sermon time for interactive sermon notes!

3 Sure Ways To Build A Winning Team

The Coates Perspective for April 23, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Three Sure Ways To Build A Winning Team

I’ve been in the leadership development and training business for over twenty years. Along the way, I’ve observed that one of the most important tasks a leader can accomplish is to build a winning team. When this happens, it becomes a “win-win” for both the leader and the team. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, building a winning team does not come easy nor seldom does it come quickly.

3 Ways You Can Raise Your Morale and Production

The Coates Perspective for April 3, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
How Morale and Production Work Together
I have come to discover that an organization’s morale and production go hand in hand. If the morale of the workers is low, there’s a pretty good chance that production will suffer too. It is also true that if the production line has serious bottlenecks, then the morale of the company will be low. When I sit down with my clients who are in the rut of low morale and low production, I seek to find the catalyst that will ignite their morale and/or production.

When Leader-I-Tis Becomes Fatal--Failures 1-3

Quality Leadership Tips For You: The Quality Leader’s Life
When Leader-I-Tis Becomes Fatal:
The Twelve Leadership Failures That Sink An Organization
In the previous two posts we have defined the meaning and early symptoms of Leader-I-Tis. As mentioned, untreated, it will eventually sink the organization. Every organization’s life cycle has a peak. If the necessary adjustments in vision and methodology are not made in time, the weight and gravity of a negative momentum picks up steam and is rarely fixable.

Some Of The Early Symptoms Of Leader-I-Tis: Part 2

Quality Leadership Tips For You: The Quality Leader’s Life
On The Edge Of Leader-I-Tis:
What are some of the early symptoms?
One of the great ironies of Leader-I-Tis is that a leader can lead well in one organization but become sick and irrelevant in another. I suppose there are several theories out there, but maybe it all leads back to one’s “calling.” There are some leaders who are placed in positions of leadership, not because of a “call” or due to an extraordinary skill, but because of popularity, because of politics, because of a desire by the other leaders to gather like-minded leaders who will buy into the organization’s culture.
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