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Season of Change

For most of us, the month of November usually provides for a change of seasons. As the leaves become dry and fall from our trees, the fragrance of something different is in the air. 

In this month, many around the United States, change their clock settings, as the switch to Daylight Savings Time takes place. And noticebly the grass is fading from green to brown. So many of the brilliant colors of summer are blowing away in the cool, brisk temperatures of fall.

Nature has a way of reminding us for a need to change.

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When the Going Gets Tough

The Coates Perspective for May 23, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Leading in Tough Times

In my many years of leadership consulting I’ve encountered good times and tough times. Often, circumstances like a struggling economy or having to deal with a less than committed customer have been out of my control.

Whether serving in the Army or working as a businessman this saying always rang true:“When the going gets tough the tough get going.”So, what are you to do when you face tough times?

Staying on Message

The Coates Perspective for May 8, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Staying on Message

There is a term called “white noise” which describes the way competitive noisy frequencies compete for our focused attention. It is possible to hear so many good thoughts, at the same time, which can dilute our hearing. The danger to an organization is that the urgent noises can replace the important ones.

The key challenge for the leader is to stay on message, in spite of the noise all around. How is it best done?

3 Sure Ways To Build A Winning Team

The Coates Perspective for April 23, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Three Sure Ways To Build A Winning Team

I’ve been in the leadership development and training business for over twenty years. Along the way, I’ve observed that one of the most important tasks a leader can accomplish is to build a winning team. When this happens, it becomes a “win-win” for both the leader and the team. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, building a winning team does not come easy nor seldom does it come quickly.

Winning The Right Race--Part 3

The Coates Perspective for March 21, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Do What You Are Really Good At Doing & Delegate the Rest
(Part 3)

As a leader in your organization I’m assuming that you are really good at doing what you do. You have taken your strengths and leveraged them in a way where you live in your professional sweet spot. It has been my experience that when a leader begins to slip, it is often due to neglecting what they have been gifted to do and move into other areas where their strengths are not as obvious.

Winning The Right Race--Part 2

The Coates Perspective for March 20, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Schedule What You Can Do, Not What You Can’t (Part 2)

As a consultant I have observed that people can become very busy doing very busy things that keep everyone else very busy too. But here is the problem: being busy on the wrong things at the wrong time can produce wasted energy, time, and money. It does not take long for a season of unreachable goals to kill any semblance of momentum. By having an undisciplined and overambitious schedule, enthusiasm wanes as the last drip of adrenalin is spent.

3 Sure Ways To Keep Your Team On Track

The Coates Perspective for March 1, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
Keeping Your Team On Track

In the business world busyness does not always indicate profitability. Activity does not always equate to accomplishment. Priority on the right projects and with the right people is what leads to success. In other words, in order to keep the main thing the main thing everyone on the team needs to be on the same page. This requires what I call, “A prioritized mindset.”

Many organizations get off message when “missional drift” takes place within the team.
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