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Durham Recue Mission-Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership

(Below is an article that was published recently in Auto Dealer News. It was an honor and pleasure for me to highlight the work of this worthy organization. In the nature of ExtraOrdinary, this group is anything but ordinary. Enjoy!!!)

Not Your Ordinary Used Car Dealership
By Marty Coates
Each year, I provide training to thousands of independent automobile dealers. Each dealer has a story and recently I met a few guys in one of the classes that were associated with an “ExtraOrdinary” dealership.

Happy Valentine's Day-Love Your Customers

"Think and Grow Rich Today" Hits #1 on Tonight

It's official!!! My latest book project launched today and has become aBest-Selleron day one! We are elated about this and we are thankful to all who invested in a copy of this work. But here's some more good news. You can still get copy or additional copies if you need them on or here on our website! The process iseasy! Go to theOrder Productstab and order the number of books you want and pay using your credit or debit card. If you order your book on our website you will receive a

Official Pre-release Book Signing Event- Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You are invited to attend my official pre-release book signing event tomorrow afternoon at the Hilton Garden Inn located at  2671    Hospitality Blvd in Florence, SC. 

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Using Smart Technology to Improve Your Customer Service, Part III

     Hot off the press!Yet another great way that smart technology can be used to improve how we serve our customers.  One local pastor announced yesterday that starting this Sunday, parishioners will be able to access via their smartphone or smart device, his sermon outline, notes and other reference material during the service. 

Take a look below: 
”David WikeEbenezer BC FlorenceDuring worship THIS SUNDAY, bring your smartphone or smart device (iPad, etc) and hit THIS LINK during the sermon time for interactive sermon notes!

Legendary Customer Service

The Coates Perspective for May 10, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
The Kind of Legendary Customer Service
Every Customer Deserves

Sometimes the greater lessons come from negative experiences. For instance, I have my leader eyes on when I shop at a big box store. “Are the counters clean and well stocked or have they gone undusted for months and the empty pegs are there every time I check? Are the sale clerks approachable and well coached or do they view me as an inconvenience to their lists of things to do before they can punch the clock and go home?

A Book and A Box of Crayons Can Change Lives

    Just after the earthquake shook the country of Haiti several years ago, I felt called to work in the relief effort there. In preparation for my first trip, my daughter, who at the time was only fourteen, wanted to go along. 

    Uncertain of the conditions there, I discouraged her and said let's  see about you going with me on a future trip. After a day or so, I could tell that she was really burdened for the children there who lived in difficult conditions before the disaster and even more horrible surroundings afterwards.

Gaining Customer Loyalty May Be Easier Than You Think

The Coates Perspective for February 5, 2013
“Steering Organizations To New Horizons.”
When we decide to add value to others, everyone wins

One of the best ways to secure customer loyalty is to provide the kind of service that far exceeds what was promised. Some call it “adding value.” This principle of giving added value often surprises people because they have become accustomed to being taken for granted.

Before we make a strategic decision to give more than we have promised, it is important to know what our people value; not what we “think” they value.

Service starts in Our Hearts

When I nervously asked my now father-in-law for my wife's hand in marriage nearly 25 years ago, he gave me prophetic words of wisdom. It was a less than memorable day for the most part, by that I mean we were working on a couple of projects on his "to do" list. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I mustered up enough courage to throw out these words, "Mr. Benny, Bridgette and I want to get married." Waiting for the world to shake with anger, excitement, joy, he calmly in his trademark kind of way simply said, "we thought you might.
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